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Updated: Mar 1, 2022




Congratulations on being part of the winners in our giveaway program.

We appreciate all you efforts so far in participating in this program. As part of the guidelines put in place when crafting this program, it was determined that whenever we come across exceptional people that are able to win 5 times, they will be eligible for a medal. There are 3 stages to this : After winning 5 times, for 7 weeks a pause will be put in place for you so as to encourage others to try as well. After the first 5 wins, you are eligible to win again after the pause period and if you can win 5 times again (2 of 3) you will have another 7 weeks pause period. After this 7 weeks pause period, you can go ahead to win 5 times again (3 of 3) to receive the grand medal.

God Bless CCCSPOUI, God Bless Her Members.

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